Field Harmonics

Field Harmonics

Below you will find the first taster from the forthcoming album by Field Harmonics, the new pop project from Rob Glover of epic45.
Album coming Summer 2013 on Wayside and Woodland Recordings. More news very soon.

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HOOD // Article and covers EP…

Its no real secret that here at Wayside and Woodland the Leeds based HOOD are one of our favourite bands – ever. In collaboration with the excellent French online music blog Autres Direction (as part of a retrospective series of articles on the band entitled ‘This Is It, Forever / Hood 1990 – 2005) members of W&W were invited to record a selection of covers of HOOD songs. Whilst initially seeming like quite a daunting task, people worked swiftly and the final results were great.

This 5 track HOOD covers EP can be downloaded here and features exclusive reinterpretations from My Autumn Empire, The Toy Library, E.L Heath, Arc Vel and Part Timer.


01> My Autumn Empire “The Weight”
02> EL Heath “Norfolk”
03> Arc Vel “You Show No Emotion At All”
04> The Toy Library “The Field Is Cut”
05> Part Timer “Years First Storm”

As an accompaniment to these covers, Benjamin Holton (epic45 // My Autumn Empire) wrote an article that discusses his first experience of HOOD’s music and the lasting effect and influence they have had on him over the years.

That can be read hereI Can’t Find My Brittle Youth by Benjamin Holton. 

There are also other writings by staff at Autres Directions, Philip Buckle (Teamforest) and interviews with Richard Adams (HOOD).

We were very proud to be part of this retrospective – hope you enjoy the words and music…and big thanks to everyone involved, and Jerome for asking us…

…and thanks HOOD!

Mixing for new Avrocar EP

Yesterday, Steve and Perry (from Birmingham legends Avrocar) joined Ben and Rob in the studio to mix and master their latest release – rumoured to be a vinyl only EP for a Belgium based label. Always a pleasure to work with these guys and this collection of tracks is stunning.

Avrocar also features Antony Harding of July Skies.