W&W013 // Charles Vaughan – Haunted Woodland – Volume 3

Happy Halloween folks! Just letting you know that Charles Vaughan’s contribution to the Haunted Woodland series is now available to pre-order through Norman Records. It’s the final instalment and strictly limited to 50,  so move fast people.

Click here to pre-order. 

The third and final instalment of Wayside & Woodland’s ‘Haunted Woodland’ series finds Charles Vaughan plotting an aural journey along the ancient Monks Walk in the Staffordshire countryside. Musically it’s a reflection of the fevered and lucid dreams experienced following a visit to the site more than 3 years ago (an event which led to the creation of this series). Locals remain tight lipped as to the history of the area but a few have spoken of ritualistic activity and pre-Christian practices having been common there at various times in history. Charles, known by many to be a strict rationalist and sceptic, nonetheless found himself ‘haunted’ by the place, producing this work almost as if to rid himself of the memories and feelings evoked by his time there. An exorcism…?