E.L. Heath // Tai – A Mix of Neighbouring Influences (Tŷ First Anniversary)

As Eric Loveland Heath explains :

…The 28th of October 2014, a year to the day since Wayside and Woodland released my album, ‘Tŷ’. Some 3 years in the making from first chord to final mix, this record not only completely changed the way I thought about writing and recording music, but marked a sea change in the language with which I was going to write it.

To mark this, the first anniversary of its release, I have compiled an extensive mix of music which directly inspired me around this time, some are old friends, others are long held memories from childhood. Each has its place; an old 7″ pouched from a Welsh car boot sale could set the tone as easily as a melodic phrase from a more recent recording. All created a new musical avenue to pursue. Some of the Welsh language songs inspired the album more musically, as many of the England language songs inspired the album vocally. For influences can only influence.

I hope you enjoy listening, it is only right to let sound take over once again.

Diolch yn fawr,


More news next week on two forthcoming W&W releases.