Field Harmonics // Debut EP Out Now

June 2013 | Digital

The first single from the forthcoming Field Harmonics debut album Walls is out now, in the form of melancholic electropop track Happenstance. The four-track digital EP comes as a download, via a choice of iTunes or the Wayside & Woodland Bandcamp store.

Happenstance features vocal contributions from Sarah Harding of She Woke At Cirencester, while the EP includes excellent reworkings by Surfacing, Japanese producer KLVALKA and Birmingham-based Arc Vel, who has previously remixed W&W’s very own Component#4.


[bandcamp album=1932244318 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=0687f5 size=venti]


Digital at Bandcamp
Digital on iTunes


1. Happenstance (Radio Edit) 03:29
2. Happenstance (Arc Vel Remix) 06:05
3. Happenstance (KLVALKA Remix) 06:14
4. Happenstance (Surfacing Remix) 08:59